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Cyma G18c

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I'm very fond of the g18 model but with a budget of $80 I can only afford the Cyma model. My problem is I can't find any. I've looked high and low and in the states you can't find one unless it has $20-$40 shipping. If there are any used ones people have or anything let me know. I'm just gonna do a lipo and eagle6 spring and diy mods when I finally get one.



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All I know as of now is the best upgrade is the lipo upgrade you need a 300mah 7.4 lipo jst female wires and a charger ofc. Nineball and Eagle 6 make parts for them. You can upgrade to a eagle 6 spring lipo and tappet plate to get around 250fps 15rps (with heavier spring). Cyma hi cap mags have lots of problems. That all I know if anyone has anything to add please tell me.

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Guest jroble95

the lipo mod is a bad idea, the cm.122 is at 15 rps all stock with a 7.2. So if you don't want lower reliability from the spring change(yes it really sucks to change that spring as the gun REALLY isn't made for that kind of power so have fun repairing it often) You also need a MOSFET for a lipo as far as I know because you don't wanna kill your gun or your battery. Just get the more plentiful, cheaper, better looking(imoh), already functioning exactly how you want to mod your glock for more expensively and its a horrible idea to change your spring out for a stronger one as you don't even get that much of a range increase, the cm.122 his 150 ft fine.


here let me explain the science of fps, and this is to my knowledge so im not sure if im completely correct. Gugeman is here to save the day if im wrong but I'll lay it out for you here.

speed increase results in an exponential air resistance increase so your gun is actually gonna settle around a certain fps range and range. For example when you increase your speed by 2x you get 4x the air resistance your originally had. 3x speed=9x air resistance, 4x speed is 16x air resistance and so forth. Sure this can be solved with heavy bbs but then that kinda defeats the purpose of cqb as the bbs aren't going to get far very fast. Now I know range isn't much of an issue when it comes to aeps as they aren't made for having super long ranges as that's the nbb's job(even though they suck at it XD)

But for the range your operating at, 190 fps with a .2 is perfectly fine for 50 ft, hell even 150 with a .2 is ok for 50 feet.

Also, high rps is for people that either cant aim or their just dîcks(trigger response isn't a valid excuse because even with a dying battery its still milliseconds)

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