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GBB mexican standoff

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I am looking to buy my first GBB airsoft rifle. I have a mexican standoff between the WE AK74UN http://www.evike.com/products/36517/ the AIM SVD http://www.evike.com/products/42061/ the EMG PDW M2 http://www.evike.com/products/58474/ and lastly the WE L85 http://www.evike.com/products/35126/


I plan to be playing on a large field in dense forest in cold wet weather (Washington) I love the power and accuracy of the SVD but dislike the fact that the bolt does not go all the way back. I like the sound and recoil of the ak75u and l85 but the l85 is ugly and the ak will be less than accurate. I like the pdw m2 because of its full metal build, solid feel and keymod rail but it is very generic and has lower fps than these other guns. Which would be the most effective while keeping the "coolness factor" (coolness factor being recoil, noise and materiel's?


I enjoy all types of gameplay although the field I play at is mostly mid range, good for assault and snipers. lots of hiding places.

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Guest jroble95

sorry to crush your dreams buuuuut...

gas doesn't function well in cold weather as it compresses, gas blowbacks sacrifice fps for more moving parts and less reliability. Sure you can do some joule creeping but I honestly don't see why you'd want to do that unless its a private game or your ok with breaking rules(I am if everyone else is as I don't like having a disadvantage.)

Also, accuracy is subjective, it really depends on your build quality, there was a pistol thing airsoft gi did where they made a gas nbb pistol keyhole from 100 ft away so it's really quality. I'm not sure if maple leaf makes barrels made for gas guns but if you do find one good luck.


If you really want a loud gun that isn't very accurate I'd just get the 74u and replace the barrel as aks are purty kool and at mid range is a beast simply because of the folding stock. And PS, you don't really need addons for your gun, maybe do a bit of research about barrels on this forum, theres some guides up there on this, hopefully you find one on gas guns but in my opinion I really think you should just go for an aeg, I'd go for an E&L AIMR if you don't wanna pay a lot but it just doesn't have a stock so then I'd go with a 74u if I were you and was willing to spend more. redwolfairsoft.com has the best deals ive seen on E&L.


So if you don't want a gun you can only use in the summer just get an aeg or move to florida XD

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