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Weird Gearbox Grinding sound

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Earlier today my piston stripped so I put in an another one but now its making a weird clicking sound (not the sound when you have a low voltage battery). I may just have to get another piston but I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and fixed it.


Here is my gun specs:

SHS 12:1 gears

ZCI High Torque motor


7.4v 1500mAh 20c

11.1 2200mAh 20c

Stock JG m110 spring


Stock everything else


I modified my gearbox to fit both motor wires through the back port so my motor doesnt shred up the wire and I cut 3 coils off my tappet plate spring to better my feeding


Here is a link to the sound its making: https://youtu.be/8AV_N-oN2Gw

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Were you getting premature engagement before? Are the rail guides on the rail?


I think I was because when I checked the piston all of the teeth were worn down. I ordered a CYMA Metal rack piston to replace it, and what do you mean by rail guides? Are you referring to how the piston slides in the gb?

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He means was your piston sat in place properly when you reassembled your gearbox? and not twisted out of position by your spring.


Have you made sure your AOE (Angle of Engagement) is corrected?


From watching the video it sounds like over spin

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