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Massive Sale for Systema M4 PTW Package (Multiple Guns, Gear)

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**Disclaimer** Some of these guns and items DO NOT work. I will make sure to mention which ones don't work. If you see a question mark or if I state otherwise, I probably don't know if it's broken or not.

Looking to sell all of my weapons and gear from when I used to collect and play. I want to keep this a local sale so within NorCal. Most of this stuff haven't seen more than a full game and have been used mostly for shooting around the backyard at pieces of wood. I will not split up the package and the price is final. Like I mentioned above, some items are broken but are easily fixable/salvageable. I will try to go into detail for each item but quite honestly, it's been awhile and I've forgotten some things. I'll be happy to take pictures of individual items so please ask.

  1. Systema PTW M4-A1 with 1 Mag
  2. Tokyo Marui M4-A1
  3. Tokyo Marui MP5 upgraded to 370-400 FPS with 5 Mags and Mag Clamp
  4. G&P M16A3 w/ Prometheus Inner Barrel upgraded to 400 fps (BROKEN and missing a few pieces on body)
  5. Tokyo Marui M1911 with 1 Mag
  6. Western Arms Kimber Warrior 1911 with 1 Mag
  7. Tokyo Marui M9 Beretta (BROKEN) with 1 Mag
  8. M4A1 Magazines x14 (TM, CA, ?) and Mag Clamp
  9. Rail Laser
  10. 2 Systema PTW batteries
  11. 3 Ni-MH batteries (Not sure what size so ask for clarification if interested)
  12. Phantom OD Ciras with all pouches and Backpack (No water pouch but has water tube)
  13. USMC Woodland MARPAT (Used)
  14. Blackhawk Tactical Vest
  15. Pistol Holster
  16. Bag of 0.25 BBs x2 (Not New)
  17. Bag of 0.23 BBs x1 (Not New)
  18. Bag of 0.20 BBs x1 (Not New)
  19. Short gun bag x1
  20. Long gun bag x1
  21. Duffle Bag x1

Hoping to part with everything for $600 ASAP. I accept PayPal, check, cash, venmo.

DM me if you're serious about this offer. I'll be happy to take more pictures once conversations start flowing. Then we can coordinate and set up a meet. Located in South Bay Area, CA.



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