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Looking for a quality airsoft gun value for my money

My sites maximum fps is 350 I want a gun that can do semi auto or full auto and still have long range I'm pretty new to airsoft this will be my second gun have played for 4months love the game play every week have done 3milsims also I don't like Heavey weight guns either Thanks for help! (I cant have a black gun either as I'm in UK so make sure it's coloured or I can customise it

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im not from the uk but know about the ukara vcra coloured gun thing , why havent you signed up to it already ? I belive you just need to play 3 games then your allowed to buy a RIF, idd do that if I was you, screw having to buy a brightly coloured gun unless thats your thing.. , also im 99.9% sure you could just buy a second hand RIF and use it with no problems what so ever , iv used my rifs in the uk with no sites asking me for a ukara number, im fairly certain its just for retailers selling new guns, with that in mind check this site , maybe one of these guys is local too you , some good deals to be had http://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?149-Electric-Rifles-amp-SMG-s

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