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Marushin M2 Carbine - Help

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Hello airsoft community, I need help with fixing my gun. I have an M2 8mm marushin carbine. I have sent it to evike and have a used parts gun. They were unable to fix it. I attempted to test it in my backyard with a mag full o' bbs and gas. I tried to fill it with gas but it would spray everywhere and when I tested it, it would only fire a few rounds before the quiet clicking of me pulling the trigger. Is it the O-rings? which ones should I get? When I try to push the gas release it feels stiff and I can hardly get any out.


Thanks for any help, I will try to answer as many questions as I can.post-93547-0-09394300-1475209200_thumb.jpg

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Yes, two fill valves. They leak like hell when you fill it too. When I owned one, I installed new o rings on the fill stems of the valves. It reduced the filling leakage. If you shoot full auto, they deplete much quicker.


Make sure to snug up every Allen bolt you can see. Marushin included Allen wrenches with the gun because they work loose very often if you don't use loctite on them.


Here is a review I did of the same gun about 8 years ago.




Since then, I parted with the Marushin M-2 and went with the CO2 powered King Arms blowback M-1 Carbine. Good luck with your gun. I hope you work out your issues with it. If not, there are many Marushin lovers on EBay that would give you a good buck for it...



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