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Rmr pistol questions, which platform gun?

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Hi all. Ive been looking alot lately at choosing a pistol for mounting an RMR, but as it turns out there are ALOT of factors. im looking for a durable gun, that can handle an rmr installed on the slide. also somethig that performs well, and doesnt require a ton of upgrades. Bellow are a list of guns and my thoughts.



vfc Fnx 45 - this one has a plate on the slide where I could easily mount an rmr. however this gun has pretty bad reviews, ive heard of alot of issues with the mags, barrel wobble, stuff like that, but maybe they fixed it? I can up upgrade the barrel and hop up since they are compatible with marui.


Emg vs Tm m&p 9 - im fond of the m&p. the tm shoots very low fps, and would need a ton of upgrades to up the fps and make it compatible for an rmr. however it is a new edition tm, and has tremendous potential. the emg looks more ready to go, but it has terrible reviews from what ive read. just bad all around.


1911 - not interested

usp - not interested


tm glock g17/34 - not really a glock fan, again would cost alot of money to make it work well. they do make slides that work with an rmr. but considering I don't care for the gun and its high price, it seems like too much.


thats about it. I originally ran with an m9 ptp tac with a utg rail mounted on it with a burris red dot. but the holster broke and the gun was lost... hus the reason I want something woth the rmr on the slide.


also, am I putting to much emphasis on getting an rmr pistol over getting a gun I like? I really like the beretta, but cant do rmr with it. all the other options, especially the TM ones, aeem so expensive. the only one that really stands out is the fnx 45, but it could be a crap pistol for all I know.


any help or thoughts are greatly appreciated. thank you.

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What you hae heard about the FNX is very dated. All the things you are describing are on the models that came out 2 years ago. Many issues have been fixed.


You can get a RMR Mount for Hicapa and Glocks only at this time in Airsoft.


Both above platforms also have RMR cut slides.


M&P9....you have much to learn.


It does not shoot very low FPS. It is designed to shoot for the Japanese Home Market, but that is with weak gas.


Load up a TM M&P9 with Propane and take it out in 90 degree heat and fire it. Tell me what the FPS is then...


Thing with Gas guns is that NOTHING is fixed for FPS. You can up the power by switching gas and lower the power too for indoor play.


Know gas, know your gun and the Gas pistol platform is extremely flexible.

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