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3Racing winch low power

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I've recently got a new 3Racing winch with controller that works on my tactic ttx300 3rd channel and scx10.

Is it normal for the winch to not have enough power to drag my 7lbs crawler on a straight floor?

My main 4000mh 2s 7.4v lipo battery powers the stock ae5 esc/motor/ 4 leds light kit and the 3racing winch using a homemade y tamiya connector. Could that be the problem?

Does anybody knows if there is a different, more powerful, winch motor I could use?


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I'm not sure about this item or what you are trying to accomplish with the winch, but I do know my share about motors and electromechanics.


Up to a point, starting torque of the motor is based primarily on the current your system can provide. Voltage is rarely a factor (for starting torque). Of course it levels out or saturates at some point, ie. you cannot get monster torque out of a small motor b'cos there's a limit to the magnetic field strength that coils can achieve -- typically a couple teslas in field strength.


So by all means change out that tamiya connector. Use appropriate gauge wire (14ga or lower) and good solder joints on your Y connector. One sure way to gain torque (at the cost of speed) is to check the gear ratio between the motor and winch and gear it down farther. Do not stress the motor, especially if it is brushed as the internal temperature can accumulate quickly.


Sometimes checking the temperature of every piece of the system can help locate what the weakest link is. Start replacing the weakest link, one by one, as it makes little sense to overlook a weak link or leave it in the system before changing the focus to something else.


The most powerful motors, as far as raw torque (per size) are brushless outrunners. The types of motors you see on craft like quads or others. But they don't really make much sense for your application for a number of reasons. Just get the largest brushed motor you can find; you can try an exotic motor like a stepper if you don't care about speed at all (only the low-end torque), they can outperform a brushed motor in this respect but you need a special controller and software/firmware for that.

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