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Many people are complaining about the use of shields in airsoft, but for CQB games I personally feel that they would be used during building breaches, thus meaning it's very simulation like.


I managed to put this shield together for less that £10, thanks to a nice guy who gave me some lexan sheet for free.


The shield was produced using lexan street, weed control sheet, duck tape, electrical tape, Velcro and an old gym bag strap.


I hope you like the pics!




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First off Ballistic Shield are NOT completely bullet proof in real life.


How your field allows their use it determined by their rules.


Practical use wise...its rather "limiting" and makes you a less capable player.


If you want to make a realistic ballistic shield...do it with 32ECT cardboard in two layers. At long range it cannot be penned by most shots. At close range things can shoot through, plus HP AEG's. Then for the window, use acetate from blister packages. Again at long range...no pen...at close range it drills right through or by HP weapons.


We made these type of Ballistic Shields for Police Training and the SWAT/LEO Officers really liked how it changed the realism of the training. In addition to BB weight and FPS limits for "replica" weapons.

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