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Any help on making an airsoft sniper rifle or air system?

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Hey! I have been brainstorming an idea for making an airsoft sniper... My ideas are to make something with a wood stock and normal barrel to look like a normal rifle... Although, I had the idea of connecting a propane tank directly to the air system... Paintball uses co2 so I was wondering if I could use direct propane. Also, I need a semi automatic air system. Could I use a QEV valve and trigger system or how would I make the air release work? I would want max price, 30 dollars, without propane and stuff... Anyways, any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated... Thanks! I

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It's been done before in paintball, I think it was called the C3. Anyways it was a tippmann marker, you can probably find some vids still on youtube.


You could get a great number of shots, a claimed 50,000 per tank, far greater than CO2 or HPA. But it never really caught on, except among outlaw players. Smelled bad and not allowed at most formal playing fields. The internals were basically a combustion chamber, igniter, and a piston between the chamber and the barrel so the ball never actually came into contact with any exploding gas.




Would likely need to be a custom build, just seems like a lot of work and not a lot of return. And far more than $30., maybe you could modify something like a propane powered nail gun to fire airsoft bb's but I find it high unlikely it would be allowed at any playing field.

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