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Modify XTC-1 vs VFC VR16 Saber Mod1 2016

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Hello! I'm trying to choose between those two rifles..

I'm really into the Modify for externals (millet style receiver) and the super quick spring change feature, but I'm concerned about the hop-up and air nozzle design (is it proprietary?), the 6.10 brass inner barrel, consistency with a not-rear-locked-gearbox and unusual gear set (m4/m14).

On the other hand vfc has wellknown quality control and build quality, has product assistance in my country. Saber model has also quick spring change feature, but I can't figure out if is accessible from the stock tube, and I heard that stock cylinder and piston head need replacing for better performance and consistency. Same goes for the high speed motor with high speed gears.

Btw I'm looking for a very consistent replica for some quality semi-auto shooting and occasional full auto suppression fire, what do you suggest!?do you have any experience with those?

From a cost standpoint they cost exactly the same.


Last but not least I would also enjoy a CA M110 for a joule creep "cheat" build... but I'm cocerned always with CA consistency.


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First...get either AEG based on what appeals to you cosmetically.


Do not even consider upgrading until you played with your AEG for 20 games.


Any less and you will not know your play style nor will you know if the AEG performance is sufficient.


I see way to many players with upgraded AEG's and no skill.


XTC is fine hop-up wise, there is nothing to worry about proprietary design. Its good and you should not modify it in any way.


There are many models of "Sabre", since you did not specify which one you want...we have no point of reference on issues. However, regardless...Do Not Open the mechbox no matter what you hear. Play with an AEG for a period of time before you modify. Do not commit the same new player mistake that many other thousands have already committed.

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Thx for you reply! I'm currently (form 6 months) running an Knight AR15 -like rifle that I build from scratch with some spare parts...and then upgraded it.. not the best from a parts-matching standpoint, but gets the job done.

It's a long and heavy rifle, I would like something more mobile, without getting to a stubby or short one like a M7A1.


Moreover I would like to buy finally an high-end rifle, with great build quality / parts paring.


I really enjoy single shooting and finally I learned (as it seems) that a 365mm inner barrel shoot as far / accurately as a 509mm assuming the same bore and quality, what's really matters for precision seems to be shoot-to-shoot consistency, that I assume to gain through a high-end rifle and some light modding (if necessary).


Thus the question, which is better? Modify or Vfc? From an "Internas" standpoint, modify is basically pre-upgraded with all modify aftermarket stuff. VFC on the other hand has is stock parts that - could - be further upgraded (with magic box parts maybe), but they already have a good quality.


As I said Modify appeal me more aestetically (for the billet-style reciever), and has a real quick spring change system (which raises some doubts for consistency due to gearbox stabilization for the lack of the rear screw, but from youtube videos seems that shoots within 3fps range variation).


The saber I was talking about was the VR16 (not Avalon) Saber Carbine AEG M4 Rifle 2016 model (with the qrs mag)... it seems that has the quick spring change feature, but I ignore if is possible to access it direclty from the stock tube.


What company do you enjoy/trust the most?



+ Whad do you think about the new series of Classic Army M110 10" Keymod? I would also like it to do a Joule Creep Build (for the elongated cylinder).

Thank you!

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Pre-upgrade is a msnomer, do not fall for the marketing BS of a "pre-upgraded" gun.




Pre = Before

Upgrade = Improvement over another condition/state.


Put them together it means before an improvement to another state.


Modify parts that goes in the XTC are all made of their aftermarket parts. Do not assume that it is...and I am leery of their claims that it is. This is due to a few factors like their upgrade gear sets are made to thin. The factory knows this and they would not put this in their "premium" AEG.


In either case the AEG in Stock form from either maker is fine for the first 80,000 rounds. So get what appeals to you externally.


Classic Army is junk, they always have and always will. Never buy their goods. As long as Yan is in charge of the company its about money and not so much about the end user.

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I checked on the majority of the video reviews on youtube that show the gearbox open and it seems that the modify comes already with the in-house aftermarket parts as alluminium cylinder head, alluminium cylinder, alluminium piston head with bearing, withe piston with 7steel teeths and torus tapped plate.

However I'm pretty sure that don't uses a m4 air nozzle (is longer) and an elongated hopup unit due to the shorter gearbox, that misses the rear part.

I saw a 3 fps to 15 fps variance trough video chrono tests, is it good for a stock high-end rifle ??


thx one more time!

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It's not aftermarket...its their "stock" parts. And their parts are good.


Many guns come with Aluminum parts. But brass and stainless are better due to metallurgical properties.


3-15fps can be many factors. Dirty barrel, bad bbs, Cylinder parts that are not worn in and wrong approach angle of bb can all affect FPS readings.


Get it and you will be fine with it. Precision in Airsoft is not common and if you variance is small you are okay.

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