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SR25/M110 Classic Army vs. A&K

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Hi, I divided my adivce request in two posts. Along with a "short" gun for everyday use, I'd like to experiment joule creep builds with an elongated design gearbox. 'Cose I don't really like AKs, the only other choice is m110/sr25, that I like much more.


However it's a niche product and the most consistent producers (G&G, Ares and G&P) produce standard v.2 models, so they are out. Remains A&K's Sr25/Sr25k or Classic Army's M110.

Sr25k A&K for 250€ features:

Low resistance wiring - 6mm bushings gearbox - Bore-Up Air-Kit with type 0 elongated cylinder - URX 10" Ras


m110 Classic Army for 350€:

Low resistance wiring - inline mosfet - 9mm bearing gearbox - standard air kit with ported elongated cylinder - 6.03 tight bore barrel - keymod 13" Ras

However the replica is going to be heavly upgraded, but what's the most reliable/ best to experiment?


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Are you buying these new from a store or used? If new from a store, they lack some of the features you listed. The A&K does not come with a bore up cylinder kit (although it is elongated like the CA I believe) The CA does not come with 9mm bearings (7mm bushings), has a full, non-ported cylinder, and comes with a 6.08mm brass stock barrel.


Personally I like the external quality of the CA of A&K's that I have handled. Performance and internally, you can do pretty much whatever you want with them, and I would say the internals are a wash between the two.

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