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Which gun: #2

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VFC Elite Force M4 4CRS Gen3






Krytac Trident MK2 CRB



Ive got 4 guns here narrowed down to each represent 1 brand I'm interested in: G&P, VFC, ICS, Krytac.

I'm really looking for the gun that best represent the high tier AEGs. Externals, internals, performance, longevity.

My initial thoughts are the LMT MRP and 4CRS perform great (I like the higher rof). ICS is unique and I like it but I'm cautious of the blowback, a friends has an ICS with some issues, and is it considered a top tier gun?. Krytac seems to be a solid choice but I don't know that it performs as will as the first 2.


Oh, and the VFC option might change based on the info receive on a forum I posted earlier: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/303916-which-gun-battle-of-the-vfcs/


Any thoughts would be great! For whatever reason I lean toward the VFC guns, but I'm open for opinions on all 4 of the above brands.

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Do NOT use Silicone Oil in an AEG. Nothing in an AEG will benefit from oil.


Gears need grease. Barrel needs a solvent to clean it...not oil!


It is extremely dated and incorrect information that Silicone oil is what needs to be used in an AEG.


As for the AEG Kriss. You can only get it in Asia.

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Most "silicone" oil sold in airsoft stores actually contain 0% silicone, and is in fact naphtha, which is a petroleum product. You don't want petroleum products on your o-rings. RC shops sell pure silicone oil in different viscosities, and hardware stores sell pure silicone grease that's usually used for car brake installs. Denatured ethanol/alcohol works well for cleaning the barrel in my experience.

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