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one of 2 G&Ps or Krytac... or other...

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I was hoping for some help on this decision. I'm looking for what is best represents the top tier in terms of performance and over all package (internally and externally).

1. ASG LMT Licensed MRP M4

2. G&P TMR Keymod AR-15 M4

3. Krytac Trident MK2 CRB

Originally I have a couple of VFCs in consideration on another forum, but there was some doubt that VFC was as good as the G&P and Krytac platforms. If that is wrong and you have a suggestion for a great platform, I'm open to that. please stay in price range of $300-400 maybe $450 if it's worth the extra 50.

My initial thoughts:
Gun 1: Is this gun out of date? the video review of it is 5 or 6 years old. And on Evike they never show what year-version their guns are.

Gun 2: there's debate whether the anti-heat wiring...etc is good enough without a mosfet. is that true? or will I end up needing to putting a mosfet in it anyway...?

Gun 3: Concern over the lopwer FPS (I play outdoors with lots of brush) and don't know what the RPS is.

***And that is something I need to mention. I would prefer a higher rate of fire gun. 20+ willing to drop to 18 is the platform is incredible.

For those curious, these are the 2 VFCs I was considering, maybe they are simply out of date and that's why the above 3 are better:



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The G&P (and ASG rebranded G&P) will have the nicest externals out of all guns linked including the VFCs. The Krytac will have the best internals out of all, and may slightly outperform the others. Generally though, stock guns perform in the same range of each other.


Regarding your specfic concerns.


Gun 1. I would not call it outdated. There may have been some small changes since then, but those changes would not produce drastic differences.


Gun 2. The wires should be fine with batterys like 8.4v and 9.6v Nimh or 7.4v lipo. If you start going into higher voltages like an 11.1v lipo, you should really use a MOSFET, however the wire will not be your failure point. Your trigger contacts will.


Gun 3. This gun will still be competitive in the woods. However FPS does help get through brush, and as such, both other guns will perform better in penetrating the brush. The description states the motor is capable of 30,000RPM unloaded. That comes out to 27rps if the gears are 18:1 ratio. That being said, they number is stated as unloaded, and they do not indicate what voltage they achieved that number with. One review I found stated the user got 22rps with a 11.1v lipo.


Regarding your ROF needs, G&P's come with their high speed motor, and with a good 7.4v can reach close to 20rps.


I would not consider the VFC's out of date. Very little changes from year to year on guns, or even over a couple of years. The VFC's will perform similarly to the main guns you are interested in, however with a lower ROF.

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