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WTS/WTT Polarstar F1 in G&P MK18 w/extras

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Purchased the F1 player kit from amped airsoft about 3 months ago. The F1 MK18 build is in great working condition. It includes everything you'll need to get on the field. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Only Selling or Trading for a KWA RM4 ERG.

G&P MK18 Includes:

Lonex hop up chamber

Fox custom 6.02 tightbore 407mm

Front and Rear back up sights

Madbull Daniel Defense 9.0 rail

Barrel Extension

Polarstar F1 (V2):

Amped Custom standard player kit (v2 m4, LPR)

Mini FCU

Amped F1 Integral Grip Line (FIGL) Forest Green

x2 Amped Custom 7.4v 250mAh mini lipo (JST Connector

48/3000 Aluminum air tank

Amped Custom HPA air reg 42' line (forest green)

TechT gun drops (for regulator)

TechT gun sav (for f1 internals)




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