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What could be the cause of these symptoms?

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I own a Cyma P90 I only installed a mosfet and a 11v lipo so far and it works like a charm, but a plastic part in the trigger mechanism broke so I purchased a used P90 for replacemene parts. A week later JG trigger contacts became available and I installed one into the used P90.

The problem is with the one I purchased from the stranger:


Slow rate of fire, at around 500 rpm, while my other stock gun with the same battery does around 700rpm.


It burned a 20A fuse that came with the JG trigger mechanism, the guy had a 25A intalled, it works with this one.


It has a slower rate of fire even with the 11v Lipo


Suddenly it stopped cycling and I had to use the 11v multiple times to get it unjammed, it got stuck like 3 times.


Even when it got back into action it just spit out the bbs 20ft in front of me




My guess is:

The guy who used this gun before made some modifications, maybe he added a strong spring or he did a bad shimjob.


I will open the gearbox in the next few days when my M100 spring arrives, any ideas what should I look for?

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The guy said that the hop up is trashed, I already have a new one ready and I have an M100 spring. I am installing them in the next few days. I will take pics and upload them if the new spring (and lubing) does not help. Looks like the guy never ever lubricated it.

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