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Just upgraded my ICS M4 - having feeding and accuracy issues

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I just dropped in these parts:

Guarder Reinforced High Speed Ball Bearing Aluminum Piston Head = $16.00
Guarder Stainless Steel Ver.2 Cylinder Head = $24.99
AIM Advanced Silicone Oil / Grease / Spray Set = $15.00
Prometheus 469mm Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tightbore Inner Barrel with RHOP Installed by Umbrella Armory = $105.00
Matrix CNC High Performance Aluminum Air Seal Nozzle = $10.00
Matrix Ver II CNC Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide = $12.00
Guarder Super Lucid Chromium Plating Cylinder = $15.99
Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hop Bucking Soft = $15.00


Ended up not needing the piston head as it was redundant on the bearings and I had a practically perfect air seal with the other piston head. My guess is that the feeding issue is caused by the air nozzle being a tad too long? it feeds sometimes in little bursts and then wont for a few rotations and then will again.


As for the accuracy issue I think it's connected to my hop-up placement and my air nozzle a bit baybe... Anyway as I shoot a dozen or so bbs will fly really straight and far and then randomly start pulling up a ton right out of the barrel and then start dropping straight out of the barrel like there was no hop-up touching them at all. I have a prometheus ~660x6.03 with a RHOP installed by umbrella armoury and a modify flat hop and nub in there. the issues seemed to be mostly fixed when I pulled the spacer spring off the hop up and pushed the unit all the way forward but it's still not 100%

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It is definitely your air seal nozzle. For the ICS M4, it will require a shorter length such as an AK nozzle. I just recently upgraded my ICS Transform-4 and used an SHS AK purple air seal nozzle (SHS Aluminum AK-47 nozzle long (20.74mm) which works perfectly.




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