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Brendan O.

M4 DMR Base

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So I'm looking for a M4 DMR base to upgrade into a DMR.


Budget: $185 including battery and charger (does not include Upgrades or extra mags)


Tech Level: Non-existent, but I do have a friend who is a AS tech who said he'd be willing to help. Plus I am interested in learning how to AS tech :)



These are some of the models I have been looking at, but suggestions are always helpful





Valken M4 Battle Machine MOD-L V2



Classic Army "Delta 10"


(Would have to get a rail segment to mount a bipod because the rules of the field I will be playing state "Magnified scope and bi-pod are required, DMR class replicas must visually fit the classification so it is not confused with standard Rifle class replicas.")



Thanks guys

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All are terrible choices...bad alloys...bad fit and finish.


Do not DMR new guns...DMR used guns. Its a waste of money if you do.


Also...don't "learn" on your only weapon. Not a logical thing to do.


As for your friend being a tech. I don't know him...but I can say this...of all the people that say they are "techs". Only a very FEW actually know anything or know how to do it right.


For a DMR base you should pick an AEG that allows you to work smarter, not harder.


You want an elongated V2 mechbox for a DMR.


With that your selection is very limited > SR25 is your best option.


Cheapest on the market is the PARA25



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it has a 500mm outer, heres proof. I own the gun on the top and it has a 500mm inner stock, it's the dboys m16a4. ALSO wouldn't the para25 put an end to the ak vs m4 debate with a clear para25 if you run m4 and a clear E&L(and meister and all of it's friends) if you run ak.



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