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Can a Airsoft gun be used for self defense?

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This may seem like a very odd question to ask, since Airsoft is a sport and not really a means to protect yourself if threatened, like a real gun. I tried looking for a topic, or answer to this question on the forums but I found none (Please forgive me if a topic like this already exists >_<.)

I bought a TM G17 3rd gen about five months ago, not because I was interested in the sport, but simply because guns have always fascinated me and I took a particular interest in the Glock. That, and I thought it'd be cool to own one without having to go through the trouble of getting a license to carry a real gun (plus I enjoy shooting it without it alarming everyone in my neighborhood.)

Last night I got to thinking, "If someone broke into my house would I be able to fend them off with my G17?"

Granted I know if they had a real gun on them I'd probably be screwed. Also I don't keep my gun loaded because I heard that it isn't good for the O ring in the magazine and wears down the spring, but I'm not really sure of this. If I kept air and BBs in my magazine 24/7 would that essentially ruin the magazine?

I know, this seems like a very far fetched question. Silly even, but I'm really curious.

I know Airsoft can be harmful, depending. My G17 ranges from 290 FPS to 310. So could that ward off anyone who decided to brake in? Or at the very least scare them off?

Thank you for your time! ^-^

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Guns are tools.


A pencil can be a tool too


What your asking is a VERY tricky subject to ask on the internet.


You can use any tool for self-defense. Proper training with a tool will allow you to defend yourself.


If someone is determined to hurt you. You can defend yourself with any tool. But, you need to understand the big picture. Are you using the G17 for life threatening self-defense or as a bluff to get someone to comply with you until the Police arrives. For a bluff it can work...if your calm and collect and not shaking like a scared "new user". Which you will be unless your experienced and trained.


If you are getting physically assaulted...I would use the TM G17 as a hard implement to beat the person on the soft parts or in the face with it. You can shoot them with plastic bbs and it may distract them and you can plant a foot in their soft regions.


In the dark...it would be difficult to discern a TM G17 (minus orange) tip form a real G17.


However, guns and a CCW does not make you a good shooter or know how to defend yourself.


I was in a CCW class and the final test is to see if you can load and fire one magazine to hit your target 15 feet away. Let's just say...I am very afraid that some of these CCW holders would shoot an innocent bystander over the "threat". Sadly 90% of them will not get the necessary training to handle the firearm after they have their permit.


Like this idiot - http://www.rawstory.com/2015/09/texas-good-guy-with-a-gun-shoots-carjacking-victim-in-head-then-runs-away/


or this Mom that left her gun unsecured and the kid kills her with it.



However, I would highly recommend that you DO NOT CARRY this TOY as a personal defense item. If someone is robbing you...GIVE them what they want.

If someone is physically hurting you...then fight for your life and fight anyway you can...especially in a very dirty fashion.

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Seriously, you're better off getting a dog (not a little one, the type you don't want to mess with). In theory, you might be able to pull off some kind of deception with a replica, but if someone breaks into your house, you're better off securing your family, calling the cops, and getting out. Many who break into houses expect the house is either unoccupied or people are sound asleep, and this type is likely to flee upon seeing you anyways. Being shot with an airsoft is only going to piss someone off, when I had this conversation before, the guy was like "I'll shoot them in eyes... blind them in both eyes", but in reality even that is a chancy thing at best. If you must fight (or decide to fight), there's probably plenty of more dangerous things in your house besides a replica weapon. Kitchen knives, chemicals, assorted furniture, etc.

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