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Is 330FPS good for fields? and my starter gun.

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Im new to airsoft and im finding a airsoft gun that cost around 100-150 USD, so I went to some stores and I found a Classic Army NF001P/NF002P M4 (same price) in my budget(is on sale at the store), so I did some research on the gun and I found out is only 330-350FPS, so I have no idea is it good for fields, I know is a good fps for CQB, but don't know about fields.

Also is it a good starter gun?, I don't plan to buy another gun until my new gun is usable. and I will upgrade it with optics, grips, flashlights and stuff in the future.

Also I will play both field and cqb sometimes.


suggest of better gun at the budget will be appreciated


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By actually using an AEG with lower FPS...you build more skill than the "rich kids" that have an upgraded long range AEG that do nothing but sit in cover and dump bbs!

Use your AEG with confidence and learn movement skills to compensate for you slight disadvantage in range.

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The difference in range between a 330 and 400fps gun with the same hop-up and barrel setup is smaller than you might think. It's more about the player than the gun from what I've seen. My 290FPS MP5K is one of my most effective field guns despite it's low FPS, much thanks to the surprisingly good hop-up chamber bringing the range up.

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