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[WTS] Retro Shotty Sales (HPA Marushin M500 8mm & ACM M500 with real steel mossberg externals

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Wassup ya'll I'm back again with another one
As far as rules go, they are as follows
18 and up only


trades will be considered however I don't want your upgraded m4/g36/ak etc. Basically if I can go into any airsoft store/site and buy one ill pass. Custom stuff is dope, but I 'm open minded. I'm willing to talk and haggle abit but don't try to screw me

ACM M500


ACM M500 with real steal m500 wood furniture -$200- That's right, someone stripped a real shotgun naked an slapped the clothes on this baby. it's gas tight and fires 5 bb's. It's been upgraded with a 6.03 tighbore. The rear pin is missing so the trigger sags, but for 0.50 cent and a trip to LOWES/HOME DEPOT you can fix that.


This is a 5 SHOT BB per trigger pull Scattergat! The BB's are all held internally so you don't have to worry about shells, or lose'in em. Just pump and REK! It's based off the Marushin m500, Consisting externally of metal and metal only! Let me be clear, this bad boy has some weight on it. It's been upgraded with a 6.03 Tighbore barrel for higher FPS and groupings. Each trigger pull has a nice POP to it. Externally the gun has been dressed up in REAL STEEL M500 parts. The pump and full stock is real wood, and has been given the worn/use look. Also very heavy aswell. Only skirmished by me once. Internally and externally she's been separated from the rest of em. This gun is also discontinued which gives its some collector worth.


real steel externals

great weight / materials

5 bb spread *upgraded barrel

needs a trigger pin (less than a buck



This is is the orginal airsoft mossberg m500 replica - $240 (I think tanka made one too) all the clones were based on this bad boy right here. Black heavy metal externals in a cruiser/pistol grip configuration with an HPA resovier in the rare 8mm format.


These came in two flavors....6mm and 8mm. Good luck finding either variation these day these have been discontiuned for a while but even as long as I've been a shotgun enthusiest I've only seen the 8mm verision a handful of times (5<) . The normal gun has a gas resovier for your choice of propellent. well guess what it's HPA tapped for your FPS preferences, consistnecy, and stamina. Also its gonna hurl 8mm meteors, if you're missing with this...we got a problem an it aint the gun.

I got it on this reddit as a boneyard. It was leaky and would lock the pump after charging. After some techning she's air tight, and consistnet. I'll also be including 2 bags of 8MM metoers...I mean bbs.



fires 8MM bbs

HPA tapped

The issues with both of these guns were less than steller charging arms, although the originals are still on an working, I've got a pair of real steel ones that can be thrown in for a little bit more. lemme know if you want em.



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