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KWA SR7 w/SR10 Rail / High and mid caps / Upgraded Barrel / Upgraded Internals!

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SEE PICS HERE http://imgur.com/a/whuv7


*Asking $280 shipped*



-KWA SR7 upgraded with an SR10 rail (was $320)


-Systema magnum motor (was $100)
-AIM Sports 4x32mm Tri-Illuminated Scope with 3/4 Circle Reticle (was $100)
-High Strength Helical gear set
-AIM high speed piston
-High seal ported piston head
-Sniper length inner barrel at 6.01 tolerance
-11.1v 2300 mAh lipo and charger (have 3 batts if interested)
-Mock silencer for the extended inner barrel

-I have tons of brand new KWA mid cap mags and hi cap mags if you're interested.

-Also have a real steel Inforce rail mounted high lumen light if interested (was $100)

Ask for a video I'll be happy to show you the performance.

*Beast of sporting toy, Normal field wear nothing major.*(Also names of product had to be adjusted to keep it on CL)

*shoots just right at 400 fps due to the M110 spring ive put in it so it's legal for most outdoor fields.

*You get a sling (mounts to sling mount on buffer tube) / And a bottle of 5000 Elite Force Precision 0.20g bbs.

*Gun has insane rate of fire due to all the systema internal upgrades/ High speed high seal piston head and piston.

*Ball bearing bushings due to the high rate of fire.

*11.v 2300 mAh batter that fits the crane stock nicely. (DEANS CONNNECTOR but REGULAR BALANCE CHARGE CONNECTOR)

*Also many different types of accessories and gear so ask about that!

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Am interested. Will it take a m120 or M130 type spring (not absolutely necessary but a little extra output would always be nice).


Still need to pare down my mailbox (which is full) so as to be able to send/receive PMs. If you like, I can be reached at the following addy:


Tangodown41 AT gmail DOT com


Many thanks.

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To those who may have been interested in purchase/or trade for this rifle.


Seller and buyer (this writer) agreed on a price and the requisite amount was duly paid to Seller on December 13, 2016.


Since that time, I received all of 1 email (which arrived only after I complained of Seller's apparent reluctance to answer a simple question as to when Seller could be expected to send out the rifle). I was informed that Seller was in the middle of a move and this was causing delays. This was six days ago and I have received no further communication from Seller.


It's unfortunate that the Seller views so lightly his obligation to keep a buyer timely informed of events that would impact Seller's ability to ship a purchased item out (or neglect to make the buyer aware that Seller was in the middle of such an event, before accepting the funds.


Whatever the case, it's now a situation that is rapidly approaching the unacceptable, inasmuch as this seller simply does not appear to give much concern to upholding his end of the transaction, now that he has custody of my funds (funny, how prompt his email responses were up to that point in time).


Anyway, to anyone who had some passing interest in acquiring this piece (or anything else from this gentleman) - it's quite possible that you may want to consider yourself lucky that you did not get your wish.


Should this state of affairs continue much further, PayPal will be contacted and a complaint will be put on file.

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TO THE BOARDS' ADMINISTRATION/moderator: in connection with certain actions arising as a result of willful non-compliance by ASF member in posting airsoft items for sale via ASF'S 'commerce' section; accepting payment re same and then entering into a pattern of behavior that can only be construed as attempt to defraud Buyer of purchased items.


After duly filing a complaint and request for investigation into the matter, PayPal quickly ruled in my favor re said claim. Funds were then refunded. Given the speed between filing of the claim and PayPal's favorable ruling it would appear evident that the Seller, in this instance 'BoomHeadShot32' either has a record of similar behavior or has otherwise been found to have engaged in unacceptable activities and/or less-than-reputable behavior in the past.


Some folks need to straighten up and fly right. Whatever the problem is with regards to seller - 'Boomheadshot32' needs to be banned from this board or prohibited from future sales on or through ASF's board.

Edited by Gunner79

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