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KWA Kriss Vector

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Hello forum,

This is my first post. I'm a gun enthusiast and belong to many gun related forums. I have recently dove into the world of airsoft. I have two boys and just recently bought them all gear as well! I have quite a few aeg's and gas pistols. My boys and I do local scrimmage and we are building a local field for friends to play at. I have been shooting for many years(uspsa, idpa and 3 gun) and jumped into airsoft with both feet!!!


Okay, on to the reason of this thread. I am in love with the real steel kriss vector. I have been drooling over the KWA version for quite a long time! I just didn't want to spend the money but I stumbled on an eBay post for a used one. I bid on it and won the item. I'm waiting for it to be shipped now. But I have a couple concerns. He marketed it as a zombie special edition, super rare.... it has painted zombie green parts. I asked him before bidding if it is from the factory or painted that way. He responded saying he ordered it this way. I was skeptic but I still bid because I'm prob going to do a paint job anyway(oh did I mention I do custom duracoat haha). Anyone ever heard about this "special edition"?


Here is the link:



Let me know what you guys think. Also I'm looking for the stock vector forward grip. Anyone know where I can get one?


Also I'm new to the gun. What upgrades or things do you guys think I should do to it? Any help would be appropriated. I know this thing is nasty right out of the box!


Thanks again guys!

Travis (2beararms)

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The KWA Kriss never came with a factory Zombie kit. Someone may have modded it.


Now that you are getting it...follow real steel regimens...shoot it....a lot before you even consider modding it.

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I can assist you in one factor.




Based on the temps you can use Propane or Propene.


Above 75 use Propane

Below 75 degrees use Propene


Since this is a KWA Most important Rule. Do Not Oil the mag!


KWA uses latex magazine seals and the silicone oil will degrade this rather quickly and cause base leaks. Use "dry" gas or no more than 5% by volume.

Oil in the mag is improper lubrication anyways for GBB's. Lube it like a real gun and you will be fine.

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