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UTG Type 96 D.I.Y Mods and Upgrades

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So I know there are tons of threads that are almost the same as this one, and if I spent more time looking at them I could probably find my answer, but I am in the process of upgrading my UTG Type 96 and was wondering if the parts I have chosen will yield good results. I also am planning on doing some D.I.Y mods but am not sure which mods to do on my rifle. My prior research on upgrade parts directed me toward buying a new trigger assembly, more specifically a zero trigger, as well as a new hopup unit . A lot of people say that a PDI hopup unit is a good choice. I am trying to buy most of the parts on evike but I do not see a PDI hopup unit so instead I chose a pps unit that is an exact copy. I already have a 500mm r-hop AEG barrel that I bought from a friend. Correct my if I am wrong but a PDI hopup unit uses normal aeg barrels, buckings, etc. I know that I am going to need to upgrade my piston, cylinder head, spring guide, and spring but I am not sure what parts to buy, being that there are so many available. Can someone please recommend some parts that will work well and also some mods that can help improve performance. I would also like a recommendation for hopup bucking/nub. Thanks


Hopup unit: http://www.evike.com/products/43007/


Trigger System: http://www.evike.com/products/42046/


Barrel: http://www.evike.com/products/61984/

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For the hopup unit, I like Action Army (http://www.action-army.com/images/parts/EDM/TYPE96_HopUp-chamber/chamber.htm) (http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/Action-Army-B02-009-Type-96-Hop-Up-Chamber-for-Maruzen-APS2-UTG-Taiwan-/122294993981?hash=item1c7959843d:g:BaMAAOSwAuNW3lJQ) It offers a great air seal.

Do not buy the Angel Custom trigger (or for that matter, almost anything by Angel Custom). The trigger I use for value and performance is this one: http://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/sniper-rifles-parts/for-well-mb01-4-5-8-14/cnc-spoustovy-mechanismus-l96-pro-mb01-04-05-08...-gen.2-detail

AirsoftPro is a Czech Republic joint, with a great reputation, esp. among the EU airsoft players. I regularly buy from them (I am in the US) and have never had an issue.

For the barrel, once again I prefer Action Army. Note that, if you decide to use the AA hopup chamber that I have recommended above, you MUST use an AEG barrel (and an AEG bucking and an AEG nub, see below), even though you have an L96 rifle.

I use the Action Army 510 mm 6.03 (D01-008) in my L96: (http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/Action-Army-6-03mm-510mm-M16A2-Precision-AEG-Airsoft-Inner-Barrel-D01-008-/122329347106?hash=item1c7b65b422:g:w~kAAMXQ0pNRqXH7).

And again, assuming that you are using the AA hopup chamber, the bucking I use with it is this: (https://www.airsoftatlanta.com/products/maple-leaf-aeg-rubber-70-degree) and the nub is this: (https://www.airsoftatlanta.com/products/maple-leaf-aeg-hop-up-tensioner-omega)

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