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My hobby for the past several years is getting a little boring so looking into AEG guns. So I don't know much and have nothing at this time. So with little knowledge I'm considering A4's and snippers. Please give me pros and cons. I like upgrades so what are good products to buy and where.


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A4 does not exist. Are you asking about a M4?


There are no Snippers either (other than at a crafting store, perhaps). Sniper is a "role" and they use a Sniper Rifle. SR come in a few categories.


BASR - Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

SASR - Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

GASR - Gas Rifle


People also snip with HPA systems in SA only mode and restricted magazines.


However, you have to keep in mind and know this detail. Everyone shoots the 6mm ball and thus what the delivery platform looks like has absolutely no bearing on what it can do.


So you can buy a .338 Lapau BASR replica, but you will be outgunned by the volume an AEG can put on you via its operational system.

So...it really comes down to your play venue and budget.

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