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Hi, I'm ObeliskTD!

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Hello, ASF!


I'm ObeliskTD, but you can call me Obelisk for short. I'm an amateur Airsoft player hailing from the east end of Massachusetts who's trying to get into the hobby more seriously.


I'm also profoundly deaf! I wear hearing aids to help me hear everything around me, and I feel like the digital microphones help me a bit with pinpointing sound.


Anyways, I'm not here to babble about myself. I'd love to meet other Airsoft players on and off the field and make a few friends on ASF!


So I have a bit of a big collection of Airsoft gear but some are "offline" - that is, I can't use them for one reason or another. I'll mark them as necessary.


Here's what I have right now: (Pictures later)


Offline guns:

ASM MP-001 (Fake Wood)


KS E90 w/built-in red dot (Full Metal) + 2x ECHO mid-cap


ASG Steyr AUG A1 w/Swarvoski Scope + 3x Matrix mid-cap



Online guns:

Umarex MP5A4

  • ZCI piston head (M-71)
  • SHS O-Ring nozzle
  • SHS Piston with 14.5 teeth
  • ZI V2/V3 Integration cylinder head
  • x3 Umarex MP5 Mid-cap
  • Tenergy 7.4 1200maH 20C
Game Face GF76 (Crosman Pulse R76 - nice try there :rolleyes: )
  • Tenergy 7.4 1200maH 20C
  • x2 clear plastic hi-caps
Game Face GF529
  • NC STAR 1x25 Compact Red Dot Sight
Black Ops Wolverine (CO2 Pistol - non-blowback)


Elite Force Race Gun (Ironsights, not rail)


Umarex Walther P99 DAO


Classic Army M249 SAW

  • Madbull TBB 6.03
  • Maple Leaf bucking
  • nknown spring, but shoots around 360-370
  • SHS 14.5 Piston
  • SHS POM Piston head
  • Matrix Magnum gold torque motor
  • Unknown hardened Gears
  • O-ring Nozzle
  • Unknown brand cylinder.
  • Fuze cut out and wired to Deans

I hope I'll get to meet some of you guys in Airsoft games soon!

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