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Testing Waters:Gas guns and vests

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Hey, how's it going. I am planning on selling a KWA MP7, WE Glock 27, WG revolver, UTG vest, and a Matrix TF3 High Speed Future Soldier Body Armor. Why I put "Testing Waters" in the topic title is because I am a college student and won't be able to ship until the end of May. Now for the good stuff.






KWA MP7 GBB ($350 shipped OBO)

The front grip has been cut off for the intention of a tri rail, but I found it more comfortable without anything there.

This comes with:

- The MP7

- QD powerup suppressor; basically new, I took it out of the box to paint and test

- Phantom gear SMG leg holster, new out of packaging

- 2, 40rd mags, used

- dual mag clamp, used


WE Glock 27 (Offer)

This glock has been r-hopped, has stronger springs, and a glow in the dark rear sight.

This comes with:

- The Glock 27

- 1 mag


WG Revolver (Offer)

This is an all stock WG CO2 revolver

This comes with:

- The revolver

- total of 9 shells

- 2 speed loaders

- a new cylinder

- bottom rail


UTG Vest ($50 shipped OBO)

I don't have a picture of this because I forgot to take one before leaving for college, but it's the vest with everything it came with.


- Camo type: Digital Woodland

- Used once, I'm not a vest guy

- online name: Leapers Deluxe Tactical Vest with Quick Draw Holster, pouch, and belt

- holster and mag pouch attachment


Matrix TF3 vest ($50 shipped OBO)

Like the UTG.


- color: Tan

- Used once, thought I would like it more than the UTG

- Comes with 2 fast mag ar pouches, the retention bands rotted away; but can use everyday wrist bands as replacement.





Sorry, I don't know how to upload pictures on here so I provided a link to a google folder with the 3 guns.



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