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How long should I charge my battery for?

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How long you charge your battery depends on the output of your charger and the capacity of your battery (in this case 1150mah, miliamp-hour). Look at your charger and find what the output it. Something like this puts out 300MA (miliamp). To determine how long to charger your battery with the charger, divide the capacity by the charger output. In this case 1150/300 gives you 3.8 hours or about 3 hours and 50 minutes. pay attention to whether the out put is in MA (miliamp) or A (amp) and convert by dividing or multiplying by 1000 accordingly. Remember, batteries are generally show in miliamp hours.


As for the bb falling out, in an AEG that is completely normal. Notice that there is a small length of the hop up chamber between the feed lip of your magazine and where the nozzle picks of the bb to chamber it. There are very few AEG magazines available that will feed every round in your magazine.

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