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GBB mags only shoot four times

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Hey Guys,


I have a problem with my TM m1911, whenever I load its mag with gas and BBs, it shoots four times until it runs out of gas. I already checked the mag, it is not leaking.


Gun: Tokyo Marui M1911 Colt Government (GBB)

Gas: Walther Hi-Pressure Airsoft Green-Gas
BBs: KSP Corporation perfect BBs 0.25g


For this gun I only have one mag, so its hard to check if it is the mags vault or even the gases...


I need help since I don't know what I can do...




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What is your system of filling the mag?

By what your saying I would suspect your filling routine.

If it used to work fine and developed this issue and you changed no indiviual part, than this may not be easy to assess.


To find slow leaks in magazines you can always submerge the gassed up mag in a bowl of water and look for leaks.


Insure you are adequately filling the mag. I advocate a count system. Others encourage listening for gas filling.

Is the mag at least room temp or body temp.


If your fills are adequate than do you notice a greater release of gas? Does the movement of the slide seem slowed or retarded?

So does it quick cycle during the four shots?

Check your feed nozzle and make sure the movement of it has spring tension and moves easily.


In the past when I have encountered this issue it is normally related to the individual magazine. Replacement of it has been the easiest fix.

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You should not use the count system. If its not filling and you are counting...its still not filling. That is why I advocate for "positive" signs of state change (gas moving into mag, hear it...feel it...etc...)


Magazine should NOT be room temp. It should be "cooler" than room temp. Toss in fridge or change the temp of the magazine by employing principle of the ideal gas law - PV=nRT. Partially fill it and vent it to cool magazine down.

Are you running out of gas? Is your "Walther" gas tank near empty? Some of the fill valves can "gum" up due to impurities at bottling.

What is the temperature that you are using the gun in?

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Guges is clearly the expert here. Only read his responses.



You do not know me nor my background. I offer advise based on my use. Not what I read on the internet.


I will consistently offer advice based on that use and what has worked for others. Your listening avocation works for you. It is not the only approach.

Be more open minded. There will always be somebody out there with greater experience than you. It may not be me, or it may.

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I truly understand your statement. I do not know you and you do not know me other than what we put down onto digital media.


I am an eternal scholar, if someone has information that makes my experience outdated, please inform and educate me.


In return, I try to do the same thing for others. Get them up to speed quicker, try to save them money, be a better user and in the end a better end user with less operational issues. I try to help people from reinventing the wheel when most of us have done it in the past 15 years ago....or longer.

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If your experience dates back 15 years than it would be similar to mine.

I will not bore with details on my depth but outside manufacturing, I was involved in every other area possible. Heck I even wrote a couple articles for a now defunct airsoft magazine.


My efforts to help other members was merely to offer something back to the forum. I have quite a few GBBs I want to sell and would like to use the resources here to do so.


I accept my techniques may be outdated.


My suggestions are based on what I have used to resolve numerous issues. Of the 20 or so KSC/KWA mags I recently went through not one gave me any audible sound of filling. Maybe my old man ears, maybe my propane adapter or just maybe my technique allows me to consistently get great fills counting. Why would I endorse anything that has not worked for me personally. I wouldn't.


Thanks for a more restrained response.

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15 is just the tip of the ice berg.


Did you ever hear of Airsoft Players website back 17 years ago? I had a few articles published there and loads of test data...sadly now gone. My only article left is the one I have on Arnies in the UK.


Did you know that KWA/KSC mags should not be oil with silicone oil? Seals are latex based and dissolve under pressure and leaks....maybe that is why you have so many bad mags? I have a lot of repair parts for those mags too. LMK if you need any.


Sorry OP for jacking your thread.

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Keeping with the thread jacking theme......

I do remember the title of that site. I could not tell you where I saw it other than the net. If I saw the banner for it I would remember.

Interesting mentioning Arnies. I was able to get him to list a big game I wanted to promote on his front page. If you know him personally I understand he has a unique background. I'm not sure if what I heard about his background is accurate. This was years ago so my mind is fuzzy. It's very impressive if it is true.


Of the 22 mags I just went through, I had to only disassemble two of them. I reconditioned the square seals and was able to get them to reseal. This after sitting for possibly 5 years or so. My experience is keeping some pressure or gas in the mag keeps pressure on the seals and they tend to dry out less. I have never had to devcon, epoxy or other liquid steel mag bases. My tech did for a client. But this was for a mag that simply would not reseal.


I did not know the construction material of the base seals. We always used white lithium as a sealing/reconditioning material. Again, this method has worked well enough for me to keep using it. The 2 leaky seals were just dry.


I greatly appreciate your kindness in mag parts. I tried to sell 18 pounds of gbb parts recently. Mostly KSC/KWA G series parts. No one bit so I completed 3 more of that series. I was fortunate to pull together parts from Redwolf, Evike and KWA direct.


Right now I just need to move the 10 G series I have. I do still have quite a bit of left over parts.


Thanks and my apologies for the drift.

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