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I like both gas and AEG. That makes it tough. TM High Cycle is pretty entertaining, but TM's GBB always gives that nice kick!


The newer lot TM OEM P90 mag, esp. high cap one, apparently feeds fine, per reports from Japan. I have not tried one so I cannot attest to it, though.

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HC units are limited to short range work.


While Gas units can reach out to standard AEG long range.


Very true. But with my limited experience with an HC, it sprays so many BBs up to around 100 feet (maybe more like 75 feet) with a certain spread pattern that the person who actually owned the gun said, "I can get a hit without aiming."


But the GBB always puts a smile on your face!


An ideal compromise may actually be the next-gen TM rifles. You may have experience with them already, but their recoil is much much more potent than the horrible electric blowback thing we have seen, which is really a noise maker. Not so with the next-gen TM AEGs. And since they are Marui AEGs, they shoot accurately. It is just that the next-gen Maruis are so expensive that I can get one HC and one GBB for the price of one next-gen.

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