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Magpul PTS Masada- Polarstar DMR

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I think I might have posted this in the wrong place (upgrades>gearbox) so forgive me for posting again, im hoping I'll get some responses here. Maybe an admin can delete my old post? No ones responded to it anyway



Greetings Airsofters,


I need help basically choosing between a few different barrel options. Im not the most experienced tech but I did great with a flat hop mod and feel comfortable attempting the rhop if need be.

To give you some info on my platform, I am using the Magpul PTS Masada CQB version with the short 11.5" outer barrel. This has a v2 Polarstar and I have a red nozzle coming in today.

The flash hider is practically welded onto the outer barrel, I've tried heating it with boiling water and using a wrench to unscrew it but nothing seems to work. Since I want a longer inner barrel than the stock one, it needs to go through the flash hider (which I will cover anyway with a foot long foam filled banana) but the flash hider is too narrow so im having it milled out just a tad.


Ok so here is my dilemma in which your answers will obviously be mostly opinion based but I trust your field and trial/error experience as mine is very limited. I need a proper inner barrel and it will be either r-hopped or er-hopped. I have read countless different posts from multiple forums but have decided I want a TBB over an orga even though im running a P*. There was one post that stood out because of how specifically related it is to my project (P* DMR), and I'll link it here:




So I have narrowed my options down to a few different barrels:


1. I have an extra 590mm 6.05 Prometheus barrel that was going to be used on an HPA tapped Tanaka M700 but I sold that just a couple days ago to fund this new project. I could either rhop this myself with the ir-hop zkit which I already have, OR send this in to hopsystems.com and pay $60 for ER hop installation, and $25 for ER hop milling plus shipping so total could be around $100 spent on this barrel. (Would rather do this through Skag187 but idk how to reach him or if he still offers his services)


2. Second option is buying a barrel directly from Hopsystems.com but I havnt been able to find much info on them like genuine reviews of there products and quality of service. However it's still an option and I would probably spend the $150 for an rhopped 509mm 6.05 PDI which basically means im paying an extra $50-60 for square cut window milling and the rhop installation. Im ok with that. This is also the longest PDI barrel they offer. They also offer ZCI rhop barrels for half the price but I want the best of the best and at this moment I can afford it. Here's a link to that option:




3. Last but definitely not least is an rhopped barrel directly from hs5 himself at clandestine airsoft (I heard skag was doing some of those installs, either way, its a huge plus). I would be getting the $90 rhopped 455-550mm 6.02 "clandestine custom" barrel. Its stainless steel which is great but how does this compare to the barrel quality of the tops like prommy, pdi, and edgi? Something to note is that he states "Accuracy is of course the overall result of most of these but it's also important to note the greatly extended window length, which puts the R-hop at near the max length for normal R-hops making these in between most normal R-hops and ER-hops". This is directly copy/pasted from his site making this sort of my #1 choice at the moment because im getting a longer and tighter barrel thats *almost* ER-hopped for under $100. It really just comes down to the actual quality of those barrels. Heres the link:





So I feel that I have a few very viable options to consider and I would simply like some input and advice from the more experienced airsofters here. I do realize that all three said barrels are different dimensions and thus will range in performance. Whether thats a negligible amount or a vast difference is where im at a loss. And I do also realize that because im using a highly customizable hpa based fusion engine, there are many variables within that alone that will affect my guns overall performance. Im very new to polarstar and I would say my knowledge on it is probably about a 3/10 lol. So to make it as uncomplicated as possible lets just assume that all the settings on my p* are default (but remember I do have a red nozzle I plan on swapping in). fps can go as high as 500 with .2's but all I use is .3 goldenballs for now and will probably get some geoffs .4+ pretty soon.


Please note, I do realize that longer barrels mean higher chances of inconsistencies and therefore inaccuracy but I plan on lapping and/or polishing whatever barrel I decide to get which I expect to greatly improve the consistency. Normally I wouldnt go past a 455mm but after reading that thread it made me really curious about the effectiveness of those longer barrels xpeg was using and even skag187 seemed to vouch for them. Apparently HS5 himself is using a 1000mm inner, even if its only for target practice, it shows he believes in their performance at longer ranges. So that being said im not one to typically jump on the band wagon and I hope im not being naive here but I do take these previously mentioned peoples word as a fairly accurate account when they say their gun reaches accurate shots at 300ft to 400ft ranges.



Sorry for the long post, new to forums as well, hope I havnt broken any rules but if so, please let me know so I can work on it. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated in advance!!

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