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RandomTrashy - 2017 - Loadout - Airsoft & Milsim

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RandomTrashy - 2017 - Loadout - Airsoft & Milsim

🔥 - Full Kit Description - 🔥

Trousers & BDU Shirt - Clawgear - Available from UKTactical

Glasses Bollé Tactical Fury - Available from UKTactical

Cap - Zero shucks - Zero Foxtrot

Beanie - Arc'teryx LEAF / Arc'teryx Leaf - TacticalKit

PC - Recon with M4 Pouches and Drop Dangler - Warrior Assault Systems from UKTactical

Cargo Pack / Helmet carrier - Warrior Assault Systems - Available from UKTactical

GPS - Garmin - Available from Uktactical

Gloves - Outdoor Research from Outdoor research

Boots - Salomon GTX 4d2

Racal Frontier 1300 - Nexus PTT - Baofeng UV5r Radio - Ebay

Shemag - Ebay

Smoke - Cloud 9 Combat

Gun Tokyo Marui 416D - G&P Dbal a2 - CAMO

Let me know if I missed anything

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Watch more from RandomTrashy www.Youtube.com/RandomTrashy

Facebook - goo.gl/jmVEv6

Twitter - goo.gl/kI58cr

Instagram - goo.gl/k8Y2AF

Youtube - goo.gl/UwJQaV

For all the best Airsoft & Mislim News, Reviews, Tips and Tutorials.

Any Questions please place them below !!

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