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Which to buy? Vsr vs novritsch ssg24

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I am looking into buying a new sniper and I have a budget of around £500 I'm contemplating whether to buy a tm vsr 10 with the following parts;

Laylax pss10 6.03 inner barrel (and a rhop)

Action army hop up unit

Action army specialised trigger set(comes with a piston)

Action army steel spring guide

Laylax pss10 sp130 or 150 depending on which gives me 450fps

Or should I buy a Novritsch ssg24 and which will give me the best accuracy and range or I should say are those upgrade parts good thanks.

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If its legal in your country, get Novritsch's gun. You'll end up spending way less buying that than you will upgrading the VSR 10. The SSG24 is the best sniper on the market for the price, since it comes pre-upgraded which means you will not have to pay for the gun and then parts. It is also built as sturdy as the real gun, while the TM VSR 10 will feel very light and flimsy since it only weighs 1,923 g.

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Your shooting Plastic bbs. Steel vs AL is not a major issue as long as the coating stays on the AL barrel.


I have a beef with this marketing BS statement of "Pre-Upgraded"


Pre means:


previous to; before.


Upgraded means:


raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve (equipment or machinery) by adding or replacing components.

So you put the two together and you get BEFORE an UPGRADE...which essentially means it's "stock". It's just built to a different standard.

To be truly Pre-upgraded. It has to come in one condition and then an intermediary has to improve it to another condition. Then they Pre-upgrade it for you.

Sorry.... :w00t2: pet peeve.


But, it fools a lot of new players into thinking they are getting something "special" when they are just getting something in another configuration.

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I have one of his SSG24's. (In my little profile pict here)

I love it. I prefer shooting .46's at 380fps for that laser-beam precision. It really is fantastic. I recently played a big game with 130 total players, and I plunked a dozen or so kids with it. I also strapped a Tavor to me so the hotter engagments, but it's lightweight, easy to pull, the hop up is easy to adjust, and crisp to fire. I recommend a higher quality scope, because mine isn't very good. It doesn't adjust well, but I know the sweet-spot of the crosshairs, and had some nice confirmed hits at 250ft+

I highly recommend the SSG24 if you have the money for it. If you don't, save up, and then purchase it. You won't be sorry.

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