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WELL MB06 cylinder

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I purchased a WELL MB06 off of evikes boneyard. I then upgraded the spring. Unfortunately, this caused the end of the cylinder to rip off. I really need an upgrade for it, and I really would rather not spend 40$ on it. My local airsoft store said that a used one would cost me 10$, but they didn't have one. Where could I find a replacement?

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So there is no good way to find used or boneyard parts in the US? and there are no good alternatives to replacing it?




Try this place, and I hope you can find what you need. This joint is located in the Czech Republic, and I, living in the U.S., have used them more than once. Quite reliable, and the parts under their own brand are of high quality.

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I also keep seeing cylinders that have different sized posts to attach the bolt to. Does it matter which one I get so long as it is for MB06/APS-2/SR-2? Also, how does the bolt attach to the cylinder, I havent figured that out yet.

I do not have a hands-on experience with the MB06, only MB01/04/05/08, so I have to take a guess. Typically, the bolt assembly is attached to the cylinder with nothing other than an end screw. Attach the bolt assembly to this end of the cylinder and then screw it down with an end screw (http://airsoftpro.cz/images/stories/virtuemart/product/airsoftpro-well-mb06-nickel-cylinder-detail2.jpg).


But better than trusting yours truly who has never worked on the MB06, try Googling "MB06 disassembly" "APS SR-2 disassembly" and "Echo 1 ASR disassembly" until you find a useful post(s). As you probably know, Maruzen APS SR-2 is the original, and Well MB06 and Echo 1 ASR are identical clones.


I have done my own quick search and come up with this one:




Good luck, and let us know what you learn!

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