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FS: Accessories and M14/M4/Ak stuff

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Looking to offload some extra parts I know I wont use. If I list something as free, it means you buy something else from me and pay the shipping, and then that item is free. But be reasonable.


$10 - HFC suppressor, this is the small one ccw

$15 - CQB Master suppressor, the big one ccw

$30 - "Walther" weapon light w/pressure tape, it works fine

$20 - "Larue" 9" free float rail, very beat up and missing the QD thing on the left side, see pic

$50 - Yankee Hill Machine Diamond rail, RS rail very sturdy

$30 - "Vltor" clubfoot stock w/ rubber butt pad, fake but decent fake. Can hold batteries

Free - LE stock

Free - Dust cover M4




$50 - G&p Smith Ent. Clone suppressor, for vortex flash hiders

$3 - AK 545 style midcap missing base plate

$30 - Mallninja combo: Ultimak + Ak rail lower handguard + ergo grip

$5 - CYMA Ak74UN lower handguard

$5 - WE Ak74UN lower handguard




$20 - G&P or CA? full stock works fine

Free - TM beat up lower

$5 - JG good condition lower

$20 - Houge Rock river arms pistol grip (RS) for your GBBR useage

Free - G36 handguard that was dremeled out for use on a KWA vector




$50 - M16 all-clone front end, multi piece barrel, comes as pictured with rail covers and KAC style grip.

$150 - Vtac rail, E1 plastic upper and random plastic lower, and random untested V2. Has old style 2pc hop up and G&G's fancy bronze iron sights. 14.5" barrel, plastic FH, etc. Forward assist is cut off in the pic, but its there. Dust cover and charging handle work.




M14 Junk:

$20 - E1 receiver, never used

I have a literal bag of this junk. I long ago sold my last M14. If you buy it all I'll cut you a deal. I even have a full stock and upper handguard/heat sheild in atacs-ish. I don't want this stuff, offer up.




Offer - Ratech OGA RAS adapter for vector




Unwilling to part out, except on the Vtac rail boneyard because it's already in pieces anyways.


Offer up, the more you buy the more willing I am to take some $ off the top. Will take trades, I like block 1.5 and 2 things. Maybe a bakelite Ak pistol grip and wood upper handguard.

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