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I have a fairly upgraded version 2 gearbox and no matter what I do the air nozzle/tappet plate is always out of time. The air nozzle goes in the rear position after firing a round and on semi with every trigger pull the air nozzle moves out and then back to the rear position.


I have checked every thing including the 1 oclock starting position, different tappet plates, different spring, different motor, different batteries 11.1v lipo and 7.4v lipo, trigger contacts, different selector plates, 2 different sector delayers and even without a delayer, different cut of levers and the list goes on.



The air nozzle moves in and out perfectly with the gearbox fully asssembled and starts off in the correct position but after the first or second shot it always goes back to the reversed position of the air nozzle being rearward.


The gearbox cycles fine in semi and in auto and the safety works too. Everything works except the air nozzle/tappet plate always is reversed.



I have no idea what is going on and I have pulled apart my gearbox like 100 times and nothing is working.


Please help as I love everything about my airsoft gun except with the not working properly bit.

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