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Wiring issue. Less voltage at motor points then at battery

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I rewired my gearbox with 14awg wire from home depot, very stiff stuff but worked well for routing. Anyway when I plug in the battery to a voltage tester I get 10.4 v but when I pull the trigger and test it at the motor mounts I get something like 2. Is that normal, is my tester broken, did I wire something wrong?.

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Its a load issue. When you pull the trigger the system is putting a load on your power. Trying to draw 15A on average.


You just didn't slap any wire in there did you?


Home Depot is not the best place to get wires for RC/Hobby/Airsoft use.


You should be getting High Conductivity Wire from Hobby Stores or the internet,

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Check it at the battery when you pull the trigger. If the battery is OK then it'll stay pretty close to the unloaded voltage. If it's them low at the motor connections then it's going 'missing' somewhere, usually as heat at a high resistance part of the circuit. Usual culprits are poor solder joints or a poor contact at the trigger. Use the resistance function of the meter to find the high resistance point/section, and bear in mind that batteries are capable of delivering enough current to generate a lot of heat.

Even if you front wire you'll still have to have a wire passing the pinion. Form it carefully so there is clearance and then superglue it to the inside of the shell.

Chances are with wire like that you've actually broken some of the stands inside trying to bend it into the tight bends required inside a gear box.

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