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hello all, need advice on first rifle

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Hell, Mitch614 here


Ive been recently really looking at some bolt action rifles. Ive always loved them, fired a couple real ones and since Im not able to enjoy a real rifle. I want a airsoft rifle to play around with, have little games at a friends field and such.


not my first airsoft, ive owned numerous pistols a m4 and a couple shotguns, by no means high quality, basically sport good store stuff. They'd last a good couple years but I want something with a good aftermarket bases.


Im looking to spend 125-150 from evike or airsoftmegastore since they have a 25% off right now.


so far, this is what ive been looking at--


Matrix vsr-10 mb03 by well

JG vsr10 bar 10

ASG mcmillan m40a3

AGM m700

JG m700
I listed some of the less expensive ones so I could also purchase some upgrades too like a inner barrel and what not.
Since im not planning to play in a game I also liked the self ejecting shell of the APS m50 but havent seen any reviews on it.
If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to give them.
Thank you,

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If you are plinking you are okay.


However, if you want a BAR (Bolt Action Rifle) because you like firing real rifles. You will be sadly disappointed.


Fact is:

Most new barrels will do nothing for range and accuracy. The biggest factor in range and accuracy is hop-up packing and bb weight.


Cosmetic features that make it "seem" real is also a waste of money. Sure, looks cool, works neat, but it really does not work better. Spare shells will be hard to get and your gun is useless when you lose/break all the shells.


So, at this point, it really does not matter what we would recommend to you. You have to make the choice on what appeals to you and what makes you excited. Then go forward and just buy it.

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