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teching P* fusion engine

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After having sat unused on my work bench for the last couple years, I've decided to get my P* Socom Barret back into running condition. running into an issue though and was hoping someone here might know the cause.


The fcu is running on default settings currently, and the unit is firing, but it is taking 2-4 trigger pulls to get a round out of the barrel. Like pressure needs to build up to get the round moving. I am going to open up the engine and check for blockage in the air lines, as well as regrease everything, new tub of 'Gun Sav' arrived this morning. I've all ready removed some of the old hardened grease, the result of having sat unused for so long. But I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue before and can point me in the right direction in case there is something else I should be looking for.


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ty man, I appreciate it. I actually called into P* and they we able to give me some points as well. Worst case scenario, because it's still on file - they did the conversion, this was one of the first barrets they did, they will tech it for me if I ship the monster to them. Really really don't want to pay to ship this heavy beast back to them, so hopefully I'll be able to sort it out.

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