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KJW Slide Gets Stuck, Help Greatly Appreciated

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I have a KJW KP-05 Hi-capa. But its outer barrel has an orange tip painted on and no threads. I have purchased a WE outer barrel (5.1) after reading some reviews that it will work after some work with a Dremel/File.

I have worked on the differences but the slide gets stuck once in 3 shots and doesn't stop releasing gas from the magazine. I purchased the barrel to install and adapter and then a suppressor.


There reason for this post is to ask you if you know specifically what to do, Thanks.



"Some minor modification needed to fit a KJW 1911. This was the basic model they sell. It took me 5 min with a dremel. It seems it may need some breaking in as the slide doesn't rack as easily. Also note that hanging a heavy silencer off the end will cause more friction with your slide, this caused a noticeable decrease in gas efficiency. Maybe sanding it with high grit paper and using a bit of grease on the outer barrel will fix this."



Product purchased: http://www.evike.com/products/28513/


Maybe useful info: When I took out the barrel the hop up unit briefly got stuck on the slide. Slide got stuck when it was moving towards me.

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I have with good success used metalized epoxy.


Proper tools are required.


Rough out the inside of the barrel and remove all paint.


fit the adapter and make sure the barrel clears into it our the bb can pass unobstructed.


Then apply the epoxy and press fit it onto the barrel.


Let is cure the required days. Test

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