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Ultimate Guide To Milsim 📔 - Are Milsim players better ?

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These videos are a guide to help players transition from day games and typical skirmish events to weekend milsims. For this I will only be addressing constant events that run the entire weekend. Not these so called milsims that run 8am-4pm Sat - Then 8am -4pm Sun.
This entire series is to help share knowledge from experienced players and event organisers in the milsim industry to help players to be as prepared and knowledge filled as possible when attending events.
This can help with a variety of key points,
1. Player Safety
2. Player Comfort
3. Player Enjoyment
If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback add them to the comments.
Please share my videos and content on your social media. Lets help grow the channel and help as many players as possible.
To keep up to date with Uk Milsim Events I highly recommend
Milsim Events & Training - Stirling Airsoft - http://www.stirlingairsoft.com/
Training & NVG training - Combat Airsoft Group
Introductory Milsim events - Apocalypse Ltd. - http://www.apocalypse249.com/
For guns and accessories - www.camoraids.com
For any questions please add them below.
Social Media Links -
Facebook - www.Facebook.com/RandomTrashy
Twitter - www.Twitter.com/RandomTrashy
Instagram -www.Instagram.com/RandomTrashy
Youtube - www.Youtube.com/RandomTrashy
For all the best Airsoft & Mislim News, Reviews, Tips and Tutorials.
Any Questions please place them below !!
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Good job, Random Trashy!

I found out about you by watching this Monday Airsoftology Q&A and after that Mil-Sim Introduction video I subscribed to your channel. I am still watching that 5 videos playlist, although I attended numerous mil-sim events in my 5 year airsofting career.

Keep up the good work!

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Are Milsim better players...that depends.


There was a lot at Lionsclaw - Nopeming that were freaking cheaters out the wazoo. Some say the were made up of reformed GMR...what ever the case it was...they were really bad players and they did not call their hits.

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