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I'm looking for an M4 variant that has the following features...


- quick change spring

- electric blow back

- functioning bolt release

- forward assist/spring tension release


I own a Tavor-21 that has all these, but my 1st m4 (also my 1st Airsoft rifle) was recently introduced to the grave. The proprietary parts are expensive as all heck, so I figured I'd look for a new rifle, but I can't find what I'm looking for. The closest I found was an APS rifle on Evike, but it didn't have very good reviews, and I stopped trusting Evikes quality recently.


Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


- Jake

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An AEG that has all you seek will never be high end AEG in a AR platform. There is far less internal space to put these features in on these AEG's.


The QD feature is nice and several models have it: Ares, Kyrtac


Electric Blow Back is a purely cosmetic feature. This "jiggly door" option adds complexity and price. You don't need it and honestly...its not realistic.


AEG's have no bolt...the only tie in is to a cover that hides the hop-up is ties to the bolt release. This feature also does not work well with the jiggly door AEG's with added complexity and cost.


FA spring tension release...while handy is not needed if you fire the AEG in SA once you clear it and again...it adds complexity and cost.


If you want an M4 AEG to be realistic...you should not be getting an AEG. You should be getting a PTW or a GBBR.


Otherwise, what you are going to find are "kids" models and badly made models that have most of these features...case in point...APS....junk.


If you look at a G&P. The dust cover doesn't even close. They say when an AR fires this door is open...so they use a real dust cover and make sure it stays open. Unlike kids that run around with closed dust covers on a firing weapon...


So, with that...what would you like to do? Faux realism...or a good AEG?

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GBBR are an option, but if you are in the northern regions...it will not do so well.


PTW/CTW/DTW systems where it simulates a real AR is as close as your going to get for what you seek.


Or get a shell ejecting AR...its very realistic :w00t2:


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Out of curiousity, why no mention of TM's recoil shock line?

I own a TM's 2nd Gen before but the recoil is soooooo fake and the kick is weak. Plus, there is not much 3rd party upgrade parts support .....

Top M4 is a beautiful piece, but the shell is headache, and if you wish it run smoothly,you better replace the ejector latch (Vanaras sell it few years ago, but not any more)

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TM Recoil Shocks would be a viable option...but they are expensive and not a new player AEG.


If the OP has a large budget and the skill to use one...by all means it is a very viable option.


As of now...none of the electrics has any realism to them.


Heck...any AEG with a recoil engine kicks more than my .223 Wilde AR Pistol.

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