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KWA M4 Bushing Compatibility and Build List

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Does anyone know what kind of 9mm bushings work with KWA M4's? So far the only 9mm bushings I have seen are FLT and retro arms from brill armory and 5ku from Evike. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

My parts list as of now is...

SHS 13 1
ZCI Hi Torque (22 TPA)
SHS 15T Blue piston with metal rack and piston head (ported)
Lonex cutoff lever

Anyone see any problems so far? (overspin etc.)
Thanks for the help, this is gonna be my first build!

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That gearing and motor combination should give around 20 rps on a 7.4v lipo, with nice snappy trigger response and no overspin or risk of pre engagement. I'd add a basic Mosfet if you haven't already got one, and perhaps consider the SHS 7 tooth piston instead. The full rack is a bit overkill. A decent steel, bearing spring guide wouldn't hurt either. Don't forgot 16awg write and Deans connectors, along with ensuring your motor grip isn't touching the receiver at all when it's secured to the gearbox. This is often missed and will throw out your pinion alignment when you assemble off it's not sorted.

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I'm currently using a 11.1 lipo with deans and a 3034 apex garter mosfet, and I already have a ball bearing spring guide. Brill only has the 14 tooth piston so I think I'll just go with that. Thanks for the info guys, if anyone has any experience with the Retro Arms bushings and KWA M4's, please let me know, I would prefer to buy all my parts from one site.

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