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Best Bolt Action Sniper? (Preferably Out-Of-The-Box, Pre-Made or Custom) (No Budget)

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Hello AirsoftForum!

I'm hoping to buy a Sniper setup for Airsoft, I've been looking into some options.
What I am looking for is the best, out-of-the-box, pre-made, custom sniper.
I would like something like the Umbrella Armory of Bolt Action Snipers.
I've been looking into Novritsch SSG24 but I've been reading that the TM VSR-10 is the best but you need some minor adjustments.
Do you guys know any shops that are similar to Umbrella Armory that do custom, all bells and whistles VSR-10 or any gun for that matter?
Thank you!

(p.s. please don't say "OoooOOOoOh it's personal preference)

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