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Cowboy Airsoft

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I'm doing this on my ranch this year. Check out the PacNW events thread.


Calling it "The Chronicles of Grizzly Gulch".


We have several different pre 1900 weapons at our disposal. With these two being most readily available.










The concept is open world, there will be more than two or even three factions you can join OR you can choose to be a complete lone wolf. The main motivation of the open world is faux gold, silver, mining claims and cash money.


The question is will you make your money honestly or fall for a life of crime.


I'll post up more of what I'm working on later.

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This is what I've come up with thus far. Feedback is appreciated.


"The Chronicles of Grizzly Gulch" Rule Set


All Airsoft guns must be,

1. Lever action rifle

2. Single action six gun

3. Double barrel shotgun

4. Break top six gun


FPS limits are as follows:

400-600 FPS - 75 ft engagement distance limit

0-400 FPS - point blank - no limit

Safety glasses are required to be worn at all times.


Do not intentionally target your opponents head or face!


Horses/Mules are allowed in game play. Please do not target horses! Fly netting or some other form of eye protection is required for horses.


Old West Dress:


With the popularity of the Single Action Shooting Society it's easy to build an impression. Numerous online stores cater to this time period. Movies like Tombstone are actually very accurate with their wardrobe selections. Watch it to get some ideas.


Some DIY guidelines to remember.

1. Blue jeans were only invented by Levi Strauss in 1873. Trousers came in a multitude of colors and patterns. Cowboys typically shunned blue jeans as common laborer clothing. Cowboys typically wore saddle trousers in black or brown with no butt pockets.

2. Men's trousers of the day had no belt loops, they wore rivet style suspenders.

3. Men wore felt hats of all shapes and styles.

4. Women wore dresses.

5. Gun belts were not of the Hollywood Buscadero style that came later. Most were the Mexican loop style holster.

6. The zipper was not invented until 1893.

7. Leather boots were usually worn outside of trousers, so that your trouser legs did not get muddy. Paved streets in the west did not exist.

8. SASS has something called "spirit of the game" in which it's participants are asked to do their best to dress the part and not try to cheat the rules. We also will strive to carry on this tradition.





Grizzly Gulch is an open continuous world. You may either choose to join a faction or remain an individual. You may also form alliances with factions if you so choose. You must also choose an alias for your character. I.E. Deadeye :censored2:, Big Sam, Calamity Jane, etc. The open world never sleeps, be prepared to wear your safety glasses to bed, you could be defending yourself at anytime. Your also free to remove yourself from the game play at any time and take a break out of bounds.


Leave your modern accoutrements at the parking area! Cell phones, flash lights, tennis shoes, etc. Items that must be in game will be hidden with wood, leather, paint, etc. We will strive to make all items in game play pre 1900 esque.


If you are hit with a non ricochet Airsoft BB, you have two options. You may either send for a doctor or have a buddy or concerned citizen bring you to the doctors office in Grizzly Gulch. This service is not for free. Doctors just like any proprietor charges money for his or her services. Prices will be agreed upon before services are rendered. If you are alone and hit you must wait 5 minutes before proceeding to the Doc at Grizzly Gulch.


When you are struck by a BB you will die in a loud grotesque manner (falling on your back, not prone!) keeping in the spirit of the game. Shouting matches of "I shot you....no you most certainly did not you blasted #%* varmint", ruins the experience of fellow participants and will not be tolerated. If someone is not calling their hits, tell a administrator, and we will give the person a talking to. Airsoft is a game of honor, it's not paintball, nothing marks your clothing, be honest.


If you are shot and wounded five individual times and patched up by the Doc four times YOUR ALIAS IS DEAD. And will be delivered to the ever after upon entrance to Boot Hill. Your in game cash holdings will be confiscated by the Grizzly Gulch territorial bank upon your death. The person will then be forced to pick a new alias and start over in the game.


Your alias if arrested and convicted of murder, attempted murder, theft over 200 dollars, horse rustling, cattle rustling, claim jumping or any crime deemed worthy of a hanging by the territorial judge.... your alias shall be hung by the neck until dead. And will be buried upon Boot Hill.


Each alias is given 50 territorial dollars at the start of its life. Money can be made after that by working for a faction. Gambling. Theft. Mining. Gifting. Assassination. Rewards. Selling wares or services. Rustling. Extortion or Bribes. If you run out of territorial dollars you can purchase more at the territorial bank in exchange for USD.



Main Factions:

Monumental Mining Company


The largest gold mine in the territory. Sends its shipments of gold to the Grizzly Gulch territorial bank. The company also employs the Pinkerton Agency as muscle to protect its gold shipments and keep an eye on its miners.


Rockin M Ranch


Largest spread in the territory. The Rockin M sells beef to Grizzly Gulch and the Monumental mine. And keeps on payroll a large contingent of professional cow punchers that ride the range and protect the herds.


Copper Butte Gang


Highwaymen, Rustlers, stone cold killers and bushwhackers. This gang targets every lucrative industry in the territory. And they will kill anyone who attempts to stand in their way. No one knows the where bouts of their hideout, nor who the members are. It's rumored that some prominent citizens of Grizzly Gulch may be involved....


Grizzly Gulch Gentleman's League


Mostly made up of Grizzly Gulch business owners. Whose business is mainly selling goods and services to the Monumental Mining Company. Including liquor, gambling and prostitution. They also have the town Mayor and Sheriff in their pocket. If a posse is on your tail? These are the guys riding hard to catch you.


Grizzly Gulch buildings


Block house


Jail house


Court house



Rockin M ranch





Monumental Mining Company


Mine shack


Ore cart


More ideas.


Grizzly Gulch buildings will be easily constructed wood facades and floors with a wall tent set up behind it. As Cowboy Airsoft grows we can construct more permanent structures.


Gold and Silver painted rocks will be hidden around the ranch to be "mined". And can be sold for cash at the territorial bank. Mining claims can also be purchased at the territorial courthouse if you think you have found a "Rich" area. All gold and silver that has yet to be picked up within a Mining claim is the sole property of the Mining claim owner. Anyone caught by the claim owner jumping his claim can be shot, or turned into the proper authorities.


Rustling cattle....I have not figured this one out yet. Obviously even though I have real cattle on the ranch, and some of you may legitimately rope, I think it's too dangerous of a undertaking. Maybe we could use Roping dummy steer heads as currency, with herds being represented by steer heads attached to straw bales. Rustlers could simply ride or walk up and steal the roping heads, or get shot by cow punchers in the process. Need help on this one.


Outlaw activity needs some protection. What? Hear me out. Airsoft is a game of conflict, conflict is what makes it exciting. But we are dealing with limited people numbers. I'm thinking about making a rule that if during a crime an outlaw has his face covered, the sheriff cannot take a description from the victim or bystanders. Which is kinda Hollywood esque really. Ideas?


Your cash. If your alias dies in the game the cash on your body is confiscated. It may behoove a person if the alias has been shot a few times to either hide the cash or gift it to a buddy. Payroll, I think should be paid at 6 pm each day, the end of a "work" day. Cowpunchers, miners, Pinkerton agents can all hit town for a night of festivities? Outlaws and their cut of the loot are on their own to collect.


Thats all for now but there will be more.

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Been skirmishing with my AK (Winchester) 1892 and Legends smoke wagon (Colt SAA) on the ranch here with my fellow Devil Dogs.


Some thoughts.




The rifle shoots hot. A minimum 75 ft engagement distance is needed. The rifle topped off with gas shoots close to 450 fps with .20's. When using .28's the rifle shot accurately, how accurate? As accurate as my TM M14 DMR......which I consider dang accurate.


When loading the rifle make sure to use loading block pushed firmly into the Kings loading gate on the side of the rifle, before pushing bb's with rod. It is feasible for a bb to get lodged inside the loading gate but not in the tube mag. Which will cause a jam and requires disassembly of the rifle. TAKE YOUR TIME LOADING!


The rifles we have are the real wood version. The wood is blonde and needs to be sanded and restrained darker. Fit and finish is ok for a 150 dollar rifle. Could be better could be worse. Interestingly I own a real steel 1892 clone, and I think with little fitting its butt stock would swap across pretty easy.


The lever action itself is smooth and gives a resounding CLACK when the action is cycled. And we have never had one misfeed. If you :censored2: the rifle, be assured there is a bb in the chamber!




What can I say. The Colt SAA is the finest balanced pistol in the history of mankind. It just feels right and makes you feel like a gunslinger. Its six shots which go fast. You can either reload bbs into the back of the shells or drop the empty shells and reload them or buy extra shells and have them preloaded on your pistol belt. I have been simply reloading the shells while still in the cylinder. No hopup but with a fresh co2 cartridge and .28's its surprisingly accurate. We did some side matches of fast draw. At 30 paces we were hitting each other most often. When the co2 cartridge gets low the bb's will start flying left or right. Make sure you :censored2: it all the way back before firing. And half :censored2: works for reloading. The cylinder is abit stiff.





If your not riding a horse, leather soled cowboy boots are a death trap. They are slick. Which is good when your foot is in a stirrup. You don't want your foot trapped if something goes wrong. But if your on foot? Your gonna need a cowboy boot with a rubber sole or a packer with rubber traction sole. Something leather with traction. Not the most authentic but this is where reenacting meets the sport of airsoft. Safety first.


You can carry extra cartridges for your pistol on your pistol belt. Make sure the ammo belt is .38 and not .44. Otherwise the shells will drop straight through. Your rifle ammo is just bb's so your gonna need either a pocket or a belt pouch to hold your bag of bb's and your bb loader. There is no other option to load the rifle.





Count your shots! A TM M16 low cap mag is 68 rounds........between your rifle and pistol? YOU HAVE 30 ROUNDS LOADED! If you love love love full auto hi caps and bb hoses? Cowboy Airsoft is not for you. These guns make you think about what you are doing. Use your pistol to defend yourself as you slink off behind a stump or a rock to reload your rifle. Or use the battle buddy system of one guy reloading as the other covers and fires. I can see instances where people who reload the fastest will win the fight. Your going to have to work to master these Cowboy Airsoft guns.... It's not as simple as winding your hicap, slapping it in the mag well and turning the fire selector to "rock and roll". Its about careful aimed shots and out maneuvering your opponent. And of course the clicks of the Colt being cocked or the "CLACK CLACK" of a lever action being cocked is just PURE FUN. And adds to the realism.


Lastly, Cowboy Airsoft is all about the SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE. Wanna wear a brace (two) of colts cross draw? Do you draw with a cavalry twist like wild Bill? A chest holster like John Wesley Hardin? How you dress and carry your guns is entirely up to you within the old west. It's a civilian world and unlike today? The general populace were better armed than the US Army was. Just ask General Custer......


I'm still very much tinkering with my gear and guns to make them suit me the best. I'm sure you will as well.

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Both the AK 1892 and the Legends Colt are both doing spectacular.


They shoot well and despite being twirled and dropped. They have had very little issues. Way less than some new AEG's I have purchased.


And when you :censored2: the hammer or cycle the lever? There is always a bb ready to go. Have not had a misfeed yet.

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