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Which HK 416 should I get?

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I am trying to decide between:


The 416 CQB: http://www.evike.com/products/33414/


The M27: http://www.evike.com/products/48445/


I play both CQB and Field (my CQB field has an FPS limit of 400) and I want to use the same gun at both. I know the CQB looks like the better choice, but I really do like the M27's looks, and I like longish guns. However, would I be able to use the M27 effectively in a cqb environment?

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Barrel length really has no bearing.


400fps at the muzzle is 400fps at the muzzle, regardless of barrel length.


Does a longer barrel help in stablizing a flight of a 6mm plastic ball. Yes...but if the barrel is to long...it will hamper accuracy too. Then there is the internal finish on the barrel that can complicate matters.


As for how a weapon's length affects your ability in CQB its all you and NOT your tool/aeg.


Back now, geez, 11 years ago, I played with a 5'6" tall Filipino guy with an G3-SG1. He destroyed people in room to room fighting, because he had training on how to use a long weapon to hit targets in a room without exposing himself. He was former Filipino Marine and they had to use M16A1's in room clearing drills on ships. Remember most people that play this sport has no formal training in tactics or skill to use their tools/AEG's. This is why I always to talk "kids" out of "upgrading their guns" before they even play 10 games in a summer. It also helps the point in driving my point home when I out manuver them with "inferior" tools in games and get them out more than they get me out. The sophisticated tool/aeg will not make you a better player, in fact its a crutch that will severely hamper your ability to learn and adapt quickly.


As for the AEG's...the less than ~5" isn't going to make a difference between the two model...get what appeals to you.

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