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I want to get my first AEG. Is this one a good choice?

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So, I want to get my first AEG. After doing some research I decided to go for an M4.

The one I am currently preffering is the M4A1 RIS by Cybergun, costing 159.90 (about 175$). Battery and Charger are included, as well as 2 high cap magazines.



The thing is, that I've heard alot of bad things about Cybergun, for example, as they are just rebranding products, it is hard to tell if they actually are good quality.


Other options would be:

COLT M4A1 by Kings Arms (It costs 199.99 and has no extra magazines included)

and, if these M4s aren't good

Kalashnikov AK47 by Cyma


If there is anything else you need to know, just tell me. :)


PS: I know that the M4 by JG is really popular, but I want to buy the gun at my local store, and they don't sell anything by JG... :/

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Correct CYB has no factories of their own. Everything is contract work rebrands.


The CYB M4 is made by an affiliate of CYMA. The mags are okay, the charger is terrible, the pack is good if you get a new charger for it.


It has upgrade potential in the future, but at this time run it till it breaks.


Other than that...its a fine starter.

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