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Lt. Dolphin

Night Skirmish Question

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So...I was thinking about having an airsoft game in the forest by my house, and I started thinking. What if I get attacked by an animal? What if I get lost? How do I find my friends?


Those are a few questions, but what I'm really worried about, is animals. Is a "back yard" night game even safe? I live in Florida and snakes and bears are really worrying me. Please answer below. Also, I'm just worried about DANGEROUS animals, not harmless nonvenomous snakes or raccoons or something.

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If you are at a point where you are afraid of local fauna at night. You are not capable to play at night and thus you should not even hazard doing it. What if your friends get hurt due to your negligence...you parents can get sued.


Get more experience with your local fauna first (like a cub scout) before you endeavor to play at night in the woods.

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