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ICS M4 Upgraded CQB & DMR W/R-HOP Umbrella Armoury Tightbore

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Hey guys trying to sell my ICS M4, will trade for a Magpul PTS Masada, asking $450 obo. eBay Item ID: 292098131013

Full metal body, I used an old ICS CAR-97 as the base gun and purchased an additional metal upper for the DMR kit. It has been upgraded as listed below. As with all ICS M4s it has a split gearbox design for easy repair work and upgrades.

Not gonna lie... be warned; The buffer tube is not attached with a standard screw and plate set because there isn't room for one but it doesn’t wobble or come off during play. The angle custom stock is a tight fit preventing wobble but can be difficult to move. The wiring set was designed to be used with a mosfet system so there is no built in fuse. The magpul handguard was custom fit so keep the barrel nut tightened.

~$700 build: $300 base gun, $200 CQB upper, ~$200 in upgrades

What's included:
Alternate DMR Upper
Extra ICS M4 upper gearbox
Tenergy smart charger
Tenergy 1600mah 9.6v NiMh battery
2x Tan Magpul PTS hi-cap P-Mags, 2x metal hi-cap mags

~200' accurate range (depending on weight and quality of bbs)
Properly Shimmed
ICS Turbo 3000 Motor - $30
Stock ICS gears
Angel Custom Stock - $35
Deans Connector - $5
Magpul Handguard - $30
Mock Suppressor - $25
Angel Custom Stock - $35

perfect air seal in the cylinder,
Guarder Stainless Steel Ver.2 Cylinder Head - $25
Prometheus 469mm Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tightbore Inner Barrel with RHOP Installed by Umbrella Armory - $105
Matrix CNC High Performance Aluminum Air Seal Nozzle - $10
Matrix Ver II CNC Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide - $12
Guarder Super Lucid Chromium Plating Cylinder - $16
Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hop Bucking (Soft) - $15
M110 Spring - $10
Guarder Reinforced High Speed Ball Bearing Aluminum Piston Head - $16 (not installed)
Secondary upper gearbox
Solid cylinder (for 400-500mm inner barrels)
stock internals
M120 spring

Ported cylinder, (for short 200-300mm barrels)
ported POM piston
sorbo pad
M110 spring

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me!



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