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ICS M4 Front Wired - Issues - How best to route wiring?

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I picked up a boneyard full metal M&P 15 ICS M4. It was missing a hop-up and the wiring looked spotty. I purchased a new hopup unit and got that installed. The gun appears to be stock otherwise and has the ICS Turbo 3000 motor.


I'm having a few issues here:

1) The trigger has either been modified or has issues. If I pull fully back in semi auto it doesn't come back forward after the shot, have to flick it back forward. If I do a partial pull in semi it shoots full auto. Does this sound like a broken trigger post or something else? Full auto works as expected.

2) The gun usually doesn't want to feed. The issue may be due to the fact that the wires running to the front are down in the magwell a bit due to the ICS design and they might be keeping mags from clipping in as well as they should. I've gotten it to feed a couple of times but that has been rare, generally I do not have success with getting it to feed. Also if I pull the mag out when not successfully feeding no bbs drop which tells me it doesn't seem to be engaging well enough to feed bbs up. I've tried different mags to rule out the mag. Does this sound like an issue with the hopup or with the wires not allowing mags to seat up as high as they should?

3) The wiring is getting pinched out of the front of the lower gearbox pretty badly. Also through the front delta ring. I am curious to hear from others with a front wired ICS how they are keeping the wires from being pinched out of the front gearbox and also routing high enough inside the magwell to not interfere with the mags.

4) Sometimes the trigger will pull and nothing will happen or you kind of feel and hear a bit of a thump but that's it. I notice the wiring gets warm when I check it after this happens. If I separate the top from the bottom receiver I can get the gears to spin with a trigger pull most times. Sometimes not and then a bit of turning it on it's side or such will then get it functioning again. I'm wondering if trigger contacts might be bad too or if it's just some faulty wiring. Once the fuse blew on me. It has a 30amp fuse in it.


Yeah that is a lot and I'm still pretty new to this but learning. I was thinking about rewiring it but am concerned with how the wires should be properly routed out of the gearbox and up through the magwell area. Pics of the magwell of others with a front wired ICS M4 would be helpful.


I'm pondering the purchase of a new lower gearbox with front wiring to address the wiring and trigger issues but am concerned about routing the wiring to keep it from getting pinched and interfering with the magwell and putting me right back in the same place I am now. I am just not sure if the wiring is interfering with the mags enough to cause the feeding issue. I did make sure the hop-up allows a bb to drop through it with no issue, and putting a bb in from the back it only takes light pressure to push it through so the hopup and bucking seem to be good in that sense.


Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance.

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How about a picture?

Please see attached. One really shows how the wires are smashed where they come out of the gearbox. The blue tape you see is electrical tape. I tossed it in there as a quick fix while testing to cover the frayed wires so they wouldn't short out while testing. I know it needs new wiring here. With the trigger issues my plan here is to put a new lower gearbox in it and wiring. Available on the big auction site for $26 shipped. Seems tough to beat since it includes new front wiring and the lower gearbox. My concern then is getting those wires routed properly through the magwell. It seems they should be higher up along the sides. I think they should be tucked up higher along the sides.



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Yeah...sadly the previous owner thinks that the proper method of wiring is the shortest distance method.


Your good wires should look like this:




THen it has to pass along the edge and ABOVE the hop-up.and then go into the front receiver set.

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Okay thanks. I'll just plan on rewriting it. Does the trigger situation I described sound like someone tried to mod it or does it sound like maybe something is broken? Given the trigger and wiring seems like it might be easiest to just replace that lower gearbox given the option of new ones with front wiring being available for $26.

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